Cultural problems and solutions


The main directing principle we go by is the respect of the text : no omission, no addition. Each text is analysed, each word is studied in its definitions, contexts and cultures of origin.  A maximum number of tools are thus utilized in order to transpose into French all the qualities of the original work and ensure full restitution of the meaning.


When facing an understanding issue or an interpretation disagreement, it will sometimes be difficult to come to a solution, we would then opt for a more literal or pragmatic translation for example, this on a case by case basis, with the concern to leave to  the public the possibility to interpret and assess, in its most original terms, the broader meaning that can encompass the work, a sequence, a word or the intention of the author. This work is as much about  the substance as it is about the form and challenges the skills and motivations of each intervenor.


Subjective interpretation is systematically set aside in order to tend towards the greatest objectivity and neutrality possible, which includes the imperative to transcend any cultural and cognitive bias. Thus, it may sometimes be necessary to add a referencing and transmission work to fill and overcome the gaps, deficiencies and cultural differences.


Beyond the willingness to make accessible this Media Library to any French speakers, our aim is also to ensure a controlled information comprising all the above-mentioned qualities, by the support of a structure - this Translation Center and its NGO.