Resources & Training


The Media Library of The Venus Project calls on the whole of human knowledge for its materials, making continuous study and personal enrichment necessary.


Thanks to the tools of CAT (Computer Aided Translation), anyone can participate. The cutting edge technologies from linguistic engineering, among others, offer new complementarities, allow smart partnerships and a global optimization.


By the support of a technical watch, a set of tools is progressively integrated to the Center. We have the ambition to automate most of the processes in the objective of a full optimization. For this purpose, we are looking for professionals from the Computerized Translation Technology field skilled in the handling of the tools involved, namely : word processing software, translation problems management tools, Terminology databases and managers, text databases, concordancers and bitexts, automatic call back tools (Translation memory tools and vocabulary translators), full-text search tools, correcting aids and machine translation software (...).


The development and validation of a terminological database and glossaries specific to TVP will facilitate and improve the various activities of the Center. Once this is set up, participants will be able to work more autonomously - resorting less to human assistance : to senior translators and / or terminologists -, hence, the available tools will provide the essential information necessary to carry out the work, which additionally helps to overcome the cognitive biases and other linguistic and semantic quarrels, lexical ambiguities, to ward off the illusion of the impossible omniscience of the translator, while also offering more security, sustainability of knowledge and know-how, etc.


For example, the integration of translation memories (also called translation aid software) and glossaries enables the user, on one hand, using a tracking system of correspondence between two texts, to avoid translating twice the same sentence or the same term, and on the other hand guarantees style and terminology consistency of the translations and significantly improves the quality and productivity.


Among the tools available online, it is worth mentioning the classics such as those presented here.


This structure being completely voluntary, the freedom to undertake projects and a certain flexibility are principles that we try to integrate as much as possible in everything we do.


The training of interveners in all types of area relevant to these activities, and to their personal development, will also be strongly encouraged.