Volunteerism, Translation, Education and Promotion


Volunteers network


One of the advantages such type of network presents among others is not to work alone - which can make the work easier, more pleasant and of higher quality - to give support, to nurture some kind of motivation and group dynamics, and many other things. In addition, depending on the commitment, it may also allow for some flexibility, such as being able to temporarily stop before the end of a project when one is requested elsewhere and / or made unavailable.





Offering your services within our teams represents an excellent opportunity for:

  • Acquiring experience continuously ;
  • Developing even more your learning appetite and your thirst for knowledge ;
  • Creating a network of contacts ;
  • Building a portfolio: ideal when starting out in the field and lacking references ;
  • Contributing concretely to the achievement of The Venus Project’s objectives and proposals ;


Recognition and anonymity


Everyone is free to sign its contributions and promote its achievements.


The form of the media promotion, as well as the teams responsible for their creation, is defined in accordance to each project and by the willingness of  each participant to be anonymous or not.


Volunteering and professionalism


Working today mainly with Google tools, the work documents are accessible simultaneously and in real time to all the participants of the same project. This allows a relevant work group integrating intelligence and transparency, as well as a shared acquisition of experience, and a kind of self-control necessary to these works. Any constructive criticism is absolutely essential. The systematic search for errors and the willingness to improve everyone are responsible for the quality of our work.


We try at every level to favor the group synergy and raise this dynamic which allows the fulfillment of any enterprise.


Some degree of vigilance being necessary to ensure the integrity of the results of our efforts and a certain comfort in our work, the integration of new volunteers to the works is progressive and measured. The setting up of a team on a project will be based on skills, experiences and the mutual relations of trust built over time. Some particular projects may demand a non-disclosure agreement to secure precise objectives. It is obvious that no one would be forced to be compelled to a project under this type of agreement.


At this stage, the human resources that we form are very limited for a significant amount of work. This is why we invite the community, today more than ever, to mobilize in helping us in this joint effort which successful outcome would allow (without being limited to) the realization of the aims and goals of The Venus Project.